The Fire Alarm Dispatchers are the New York City civil servants that are employed by FDNY to answer, process, and dispatch all fire related emergency and administrative calls received in one of the borough’s central offices. FDNY respond to approximately 625,000 fire related incidents annually. Each borough has a respective central office that is located in one of two New York City Public Safety Answering Centers (PSACs). PSAC I in MetroTech and PSAC II located in the Bronx.

The Fire Alarm Dispatchers and Supervising Fire Alarm Dispatcher working in each of the five central offices are responsible for the dispatch and direction of fire apparatus operating in their respective borough. Fire Alarm Dispatchers are the calm and collected voice behind the microphone on each of the five borough fire radio frequencies. Fire Alarm Dispatchers must ensure adequate fire apparatus coverage for each neighborhood in their respective borough.

Fire Alarm Dispatchers are also assigned to work in the Field Communications Unit (Field Comm). Field Comm operates out of Engine 233’s quarters in Brooklyn. The Field Comm unit responds citywide to large scale fires and incidents. At the scene, the fire alarm dispatchers in the Field Comm Unit assist the incident commander and the Field Comm becomes the hub for all communication needs.  

The collective bargaining unit responsible for representing Fire Alarm Dispatchers, Supervising Fire Alarm Dispatchers, and Chief Fire Alarm Dispatchers is the Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association. All together, there are approximately 200 members.