IAFF Local 4959 
Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association

UFADBA is a non-profit advocacy organization representing the health, safety and interests of New York City Fire Dispatchers. We are also proud members of the International Association of Firefighters Local 4959.

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Message From The President

Welcome to our new and improved UFADBA website! 

UFADBA is the union representing all FDNY Fire Alarm Dispatchers, Supervising Fire Alarm Dispatchers and Chief Fire Alarm Dispatchers in New York City. UFADBA strives to promote the advancement of the principles of collective bargaining by serving as its sole Bargaining Agent, safeguarding our members’ rights as Public Employees. We are committed to enhancing and improving the salary and benefits of our members, while working with management to ensure our common goal for a safe and productive work environment.

New York City is the most populated city in the United States. UFADBA members answer emergency calls for over 8 million citizens in the Bronx,Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. As public servants, we receive and process thousands of calls per day. Our response time is faster than anywhere else. Although we are invisible to the public, saving lives begins with us. During your time of crisis, we are the voice of strength dispatching the fire apparatus and other resources to handle your emergency. We also have members who respond along with fire apparatus to major emergencies and events. Our ability to remain calm under pressure along with our training, knowledge, and professionalism sets us apart. 

I hope our Members find the information contained in this website informative and educational as well as a good resource tool to be informed of their rights as Public Employees, and I hope the public finds information on this website to be insightful as to who our members are, what we do, and the valuable essential task we perform every day.  

We are your “FIRST First Responders!”

Thank you for visiting our website.

Louis Gomez

UFADBA President

UFADBA Education & Assitance Fund

All proceeds benefit the Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association Education and Assistance Fund, Inc. a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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